Thursday, October 20, 2011

Making the Most of Positive Credit Union Buzz

Between the Occupy protests and Bank of America's new $5 a month debit card fee, there is much negative sentiment towards the big banks these days. Anger has swelled into a grassroots call for people pull their money out of big banks and move to credit unions and smaller community banks. 

While these feelings first came to be with the bank bailout and the Huffington Post's Move Your Money project, it never really stuck. This time the situation seems to be taking hold with a Bank Transfer Day scheduled for November 5th.

On this week's show, I invited Kyle Markland (CEO, Affinity Plus CU), Joe Mecca (Marketing and Advertising Manager, Coastal Federal CU) and Pat Keefe (VP Communications & Media Outreach, CUNA) to come on and discuss the positive buzz that credit unions have received recently.

Kyle and Joe discussed the mood of these new members, who is actually switching their account, what accounts these new members are opening and the marketing they are doing to take advantage of this current environment. Pat talked about -- a comprehensive credit union finder website and what CUNA has been doing to promote credit unions during this time.

Listen the show on the player below or you can download the show via iTunes on the show page.

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