Thursday, February 3, 2011

Examining QR Codes

Have you wondered what those weird black and white square boxes are all about? They are QR codes, which stand for Quick Response codes. And, credit unions should consider incorporating them into their marketing.

On this week's CU Chat Up, Jimmy Marks from DigitalMailer was the guest and we discussed QR Codes and how credit unions can use them.

Here is a direct link to the show: CU Chat Up - Examining QR Codes or you can listen via the player on the right.

Want to practice? Look up the above CU Chat Up QR Code. Created it in under a minute!

Here are some of the resources on QR codes mentioned on the show:

How do you think credit unions can or should use QR codes? Is your credit union using them now? Share your ideas in the comments.

Also, tune in on February 16th to hear how Obee Credit Union is using Microsoft Tag (similar to QR codes) to run their community scavenger hunt, Capture the Tag.

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